Give yourself permission to grow and heal

Have you tried therapy, healing sessions or personal growth programs and still feel blocked, knowing that something is holding you back? Is your mind or body manifesting disease? Stop struggling and break old limiting thought patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you. I offer three paths to inner healing and transformation.

An 8-week healing and transformation program that uses live group and 1:1 coaching to unleash your inner power and, remove fears and limiting beliefs that keep you from living an abundant life. You will experience the greatest transformation of your life. Guaranteed!

What Lisa Said...

“Next to Yoga, Reiki and Buddhism, Michelle’s Miracle Course has been one of the most wonderful things to enter my life! The course is brilliant and Michelle is passionate, genuine, empathetic and highly knowledgable. She is a great light and old soul and I’m so glad I serendipitously met her online this year! I can now easily reframe my thoughts anytime of the day and I now feel like I have an angelic guide in my ear at all times, and a partner in my journey of this quantum life.”

Lisa Cherry, Author of Stories From The Yogic Hear

What Karla Said...

“The miracle program is an incredible program that provides you with tools to connect with your emotions and heal them. It is a lovely and incredible program. I totally recommend it to everyone who wants to grow in self-love and confidence. It is a fabulous program and thank you for creating it.”

Karla Arreola, Toronto

Customized 1:1 coaching that transforms your emotional pain and hurt and rewires your heart, body, mind and spirit to live life with ease and manifest healing, success and joy. Results seen in just one session!

What Ece Said...

“…Tried many methods on my own using meditation, tapping, shadow work, inner child work, yoga…to release it; but I got very little progress… After my first ‘quantum inner healing’ session I healed the pain in my heart. And the physical sensation disappeared immediately! Literally disappeared. In the second session, I healed a deep guilt that I was holding onto that manifested as shoulder pain for years. We got rid of that. But what’s more valuable was that, this session facilitated a long avoided grief of my grandfathers passing and brought me back his memory.

I only had 2 sessions, but already got remarkable results. Michelle holds an unconditionally loving space for healing and transformation. She has the ability to talk to me exactly the way I needed and speak for the people I needed to speak to.

I am so grateful! I use her techniques everyday to stay in high vibration. YES! I totally recommend her with all my heart.

Ece Savas, CEO & Founder of GEM’s Collective

What Marty Said...

“An absolutely fabulous program! Only two days with Rewiring Minds and it set me free from Triggers associated with Trauma I didn’t realize I still had. One of the best programs around!”

Marty Lazo Munoz,
CEO MedCare Staff & Women’s Legacy of Hope

An online gym for your mind and spirit. This membership program is perfect for you if you are looking to transform weekly stressors. We meet online every Sunday

What Sonia Said...

“Thank you Michelle for the meditation and the music you chose it had me relax so much that when I came back to the first thing I noticed was how clear in my body I felt. For a few days I had been feeling a lot of inflammation in my body especially my hands and in my ankles. So what I noticed was so much space and openness like when I have had a body massage or reflexology treatment when all the lymph has been moved and new oxygen supply has been stimulated. I slept so well too, definitely feeling refreshed and renewed. Thank you so much for offering these meditations.

Sonia Wagner, CEO & Founder Zen Room & Studio

What Kristina Said...

“I highly recommend Michelle if you are a mompreneur looking to find the balance between family, selfcare and business success.”

Kristina Laukkanen, Owner &
Photographer at West Rouge Photo Co

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