You are enough. You are valuable.
You have purpose.

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An Occupational Therapist turned Therapeutic Coach, certified HeartMath Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner, Author and a Speaker.

I’m here to help  emotionally overwhelmed woman like YOU live your best life, knowing your true worth and finding unconditional inner happiness and peace, no matter your external circumstances.

“Rewire Your Mind “ Journal

Since my mission is to facilitate your journey towards finding true inner happiness, I want you to have this Powerful Journal for Rewiring Your Mind that will help you:

  • Shift your mindset towards one of growth & positivity.
  • Bio-hack your brain to release happiness hormones such as serotonin & dopamine.
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do you want to improve your life?

I know how hard It can be, when layers of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, fear, worry, shame, guilt and unworthiness start to take over. You don’t feel like yourself anymore!  You are overwhelmed, stressed out and unable to remember the last time you felt a true sense of joy and peace within. Your chaotic inner state of mind is manifesting chaos in your outer world – affecting your relationships, your career, sleep and even your physical health. You struggle with self-love and self-compassion and feel restricted from your full potential.

Deep down you know this isn’t how you want to live your life, but you are caught up in a vicious cycle which you just can’t seem to break.

Let me show you how to end this vicious cycle you're stuck in.

you are enough

Learn to shift your limiting belief of “ I am not enough” to “ I am enough” to better :

  • Value yourself
  • Acknowledge your worth
  • Attract what you truly deserve in your life…

In this book I share my powerful 7-step program M.I.R.A.C.L.E which helped me on my journey to ending this limiting belief, which I believe will be of great help to you as well.

The Book
Free Course

Tackling stress toolkit

According to the American institute of stress, 77 % of people experience stress that affects their physical health.

Download this free course to:

  • Learn key effective ways to manage your everyday stress
  • Tackle stress more effectively for your everyday lifestyle
  • Identify key stress triggers to approach them in a smarter way
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