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I’m a former Occupational Therapist turned Therapeutic Coach, certified HeartMath and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner, Author, Speaker and mom to a wonderful boy.

I transform the lives of emotionally overwhelmed people like YOU by identifying and releasing your unhealed wounds. These underlying issues can be the result of deep trauma or simply life’s challenges, but they keep you blocked from experiencing abundance, peace and joy. My programs are designed for you to step into your own power and worth, find unconditional inner peace, and experience greater joy in your personal and professional life. No matter your external circumstances.

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Have you tried therapy, healing sessions or personal growth programs and still feel blocked, knowing that something is holding you back? Is your mind or body manifesting dis-ease? Stop struggling and break old limiting thought patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you. I offer three paths to inner healing and transformation.

An 8-week healing and transformation program

Customized 1:1 coaching

An online gym for your mind.

Experience the greatest transformation of your life. Guaranteed!

As seen on City TV’s Breakfast Television

In this segment, I share the latest research on the heart’s intelligence and guide you through a 2-minute Heartmath Technique to transform your daily stressors.

Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of overwhelm?

When layers of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, fear, worry, shame, guilt and unworthiness take over your brain, you lose sight of your true self and control over situations. 

If you’re overwhelmed, stressed out and unable to remember the last time you felt a true sense of joy and peace within, my program is for you.

I've been where you are.

I was exhausted from allowing others to define my worth and pretending to be someone I wasn’t due to my fear of being rejected or judged. I could no longer take the pain of feeling stuck and constantly sacrificing my inner peace and joy.

Your chaotic inner state of mind is manifesting chaos in your outer world – affecting your relationships, career, sleep patterns and even your physical health. Let’s stop the madness and learn how to rewire your mind, body and spirit.

I'll show you how to end this vicious cycle.

My unique approach integrates elements of HeartMath, quantum physics, epigenetics, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), inner-child work, bio-hacking, mindfulness and positive psychology for the ultimate inner healing and transformation.

If you feel:

I can help.

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you are enough

With this book, I’m on a mission to empower 200 million lives to come from a place of knowing their true worth and live their life tapped into their inner happiness and peace.

In my book, I share my powerful 7-step M.I.R.A.C.L.E  program, which I cocreated with the divine to transform the limiting belief of “ not being enough”.

You’ll learn how to shift your feelings of unworthiness to that of “I am enough.” 

You will learn to:

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The Toolkit

get your free rewire
your mind toolkit

Toolkit Includes:

get your free rewire your mind toolkit

Toolkit Includes: