Did you know that over 80% of people in the workplace today feel stressed as a result of their jobs? What's even more alarming is the staggering $300 billion lost annually on a global scale due to the reduction in productivity that occurs as a result of increasing stress levels.


Work place stress is on the rise. Many employees over work and  experience burn out. They feel they are rushing against time trying to meet deadlines. Others feel undervalued and unappreciated. Due to technological advancement, they find they are connected to work even when not at work.  They are unable to get a true break from work and are stressed out all the time. Insecurity in their jobs also adds to it. The above drains employees emotionally as all of these situations possess a perceived threat and this is what they experience as stress.


How does it affect the employers?

Productivity  and efficiency declines

Negative work environment

Increased health and safety incidents due to stress

Increased staff turnover

Increased costs associated with new staff recruitment and training

Loss of customers ​​​​​​​

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How Can Rewiring Minds Help?​​​​​​​

  Mindfulness- based programs and heartmath interventions have been scientifically proven to assist individuals with managing their stress and emotions.

Workshops on stress management will provide your employees with effective tools on  managing their stress. As a result:

- They will learn to respond rather than react to stress

-They will learn to manage their negative emotions

  -Their performance at work increases

- Their levels of creativity and compassion increases

-  New ideas benefiting the organization are created as a result of increased creativity

 - Productivity increases

- Positive work environment

-Decreased days off by employees

What is offered?

Lunch and learn, half- day workshops, full day workshops and customisable programs offered.

 It is recommended that individuals participate in an 8- week, 1 hour/week training as this allows them to get deeper into the daily practise of  the techniques taught. It will also ensure success in transference of the new skills into the work setting.

Individual coaching sessions for employees and employers to manage their stress is also available. Online individual coaching is also available.  

Prices: Price vary depending on your workplace needs and on the number of employees.

Email us at for details.​​​​​​​

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How does stress affect employees ?

Affects their mental health

Affects their decision making skills

They start to exhibit unhealthy behaviours such as becoming more irritable and argumentative

They start making more mistakes

They start taking more days off or they over work

Their performance declines

Their health starts to decline and they start taking more sick days

​​​​​​​ Their creativity declines

They end up quitting

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