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- Transforming Stress Workshops

- Emotional Management Workshops

- Lunch & Learn

- Mental Health & Wellness Workshops

 - Mindfulness workshops

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​​​​​​​ Anxiety Management

- Anger Management

- Pain Management

- Transforming Limiting Beliefs

- Transforming Stress

- Transforming Mental Blocks

- Finding Inner Happiness & Peace

- Finding Your Purpose

The "Inner Healing" therapeutic intervention program integrates Mindfulness & Positive Pyschology Based Intervention, Emotional Freedom Technique, HeartMath Intervention and Biofeedback 

Therapeutic Coaching

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One Can Choose To Go Back Towards Safety Or Forward Toward Growth. Growth Must Be Chosen Again & Again, Fear Must be Overcome Again & Again.

                                                                                              Abraham Maslow

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- Transforming Stress 

- Transforming Anxiety 

- Introduction To Mindfulness

- Meditation Workshop

- Mindful Art 

- Therapeutic Ceramic Painting 

- Mindful Parenting

In -Person Workshops

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