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Positive Psychology

The Inner Healing Program

The Inner Healing Program uses a framework that focuses on 3 specific areas: Breath, Body & Mind. Research- based interventions such as mindfulness -based interventions, emotional freedom technique, heartmath interventions, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology based interventions are integrated into this therapeutic program. Results are usually seen in 1 to 3 sessions. Client's often report that within three sessions they have had results that years of counselling or talk therapy has not been able to achieve for them.

Click on the above presentation video to understand the importance of focusing on all three areas for a given problem. Sessions are customized based on your needs. If you have tried different forms of therapeutic approaches but nothing seems to give you the results you have hoped for, you will find this integrated approach beneficial for you. Biofeedback training is used to enable clients to easily learn the techniques and see faster results with transforming their limiting beliefs and limiting behaviours. For online sessions, I will be recommending a biofeedback device. However, it is not mandatory to have the device to experience the benefits of the session. Click on the video for details on the 

Inner Healing Program 

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Mindfulness Based Interventions

HeartMath Intervention

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