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​​​​​​​I am Michelle Jacob.

A therapeutic coach, speaker and author who is dedicated to helping you find ​​​​​​​your inner peace and happiness no matter the external circumstances.

I created Rewiring Minds due to my passion for spreading the message that happiness and peace of mind lies within us and we no longer have to be victims of our emotions, external circumstances or our past experiences. I'm dedicated to teaching you how to: 

- Transform your limiting beliefs such as " I'm not enough and never will be" to "I'm enough, I'm valuable & I have a purpose".

- Manage your negative emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt, shame, worry, fear and transform them to positive emotions such as gratitude, love, compassion, kindness, courage and appreciation.

- Manage your symptoms of anxiety

-Manage your symptoms of depression.

-Transform your stress.

- Increase your resiliency to stress.

-Find your purpose.

You can live stress free and happy without having to be a monk or escape to an island.


 How Did I Find My Passion You Ask?

I always knew I was meant to serve others. I thought I could do that in the healthcare field so I went to University of Toronto and completed my Bachelor of Science and then completed my Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Queen’s University, Canada. I became a registered Occupational Therapist and started practising as an OT.  For a decade, I worked as a therapist treating clients who were involved in motor vehicle accidents. The accident would affect these client's mentally, cognitively and physically. Over time, I started noticing a pattern with the clients I worked with.

The clients who struggled with their sense of self and had poor stress management and emotional management skills prior to the accident would be the ones who psychologically suffered the most post-accident even if their injuries were minor.

They would go on to develop chronic pain, severe anxiety or severe depression compared to the clients who had healthy stress and emotional management skills prior to the accident. These clients would be able to bounce back fully in 3 months and move on with their life, often not resisting the accident but accepting that the accident had a purpose in their life.

While I had started noticing this at work, I personally had to go through a stressful period in my life that was starting to physically and emotionally drain me. It started to affect my immune system and my mental well-being. I started struggling with my ability to manage my emotions and started becoming more reactive to the stressors in my life. My sense of identity and my self-worth got affected. Being the therapist I was, I started researching various fields of science such as neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive psychology and epigenetics to name a few in order to find effective tools that would help me manage my own stress and emotions. This is when my journey into transforming my own inner-self started.

During this time, I became a Mindfulness Practitioner, did training in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction, and also became a Certified Heartmath Practitioner.

I integrated various tools and techniques from the above fields realising it wasn’t just one specific style of practise that would help me but a program that integrated research based tools and techniques from different areas of science and spirituality. I did just that. I created the " Inner Healing" program. Through this program, I was able to turn the darkest period of my life into a transformative experience. I realised that in all those years I had been looking for happiness and my sense of identity in others. I came to experience what finding my true identity feels like.​​​​​​​  I experienced true inner peace and joy that did not come from the outside world but from within me. My external stressful circumstances hadn’t changed much but I had changed. Overtime my inner transformation started to positively transform my external circumstances as well.

Through this process, I discovered my true purpose and passion. I brought this program into the clinic and started treating clients who had sustained injuries from motor vehicle accidents and as a result were struggling with pain, anxiety, anger, depression, negative thoughts and sleep. 

I found that the " Inner Healing" program not only helped the clients with managing the symptoms they were struggling with but also increased their quality of life and that of their relationships.

The program empowered them and they no longer viewed themselves as victims of their circumstances.

When treating these client, I also started to notice that it was often the caregivers, the professionals who provided services to such clients, and those working in stressful jobs that were experiencing the emotional drain and burn out but were not getting the help they needed as they were not part of the health care system. 

They seemed like they were trying to just get by everyday. Even when they went to treatments like talk therapy, they weren't really getting valuable tools to actually manage the stress, anxiety and the emotional drain they were experiencing on a daily basis.

I started focusing on treating the hard working professionals and caregivers using the inner healing program that integrated various research- based modalities. I also started introducing components of this program to organisations through my stress management workshops. The attendees who rated their stress levels as 8-10/10 prior to the workshop would note a significant reduction in their stress levels post-workshop. Many rated their stress as low as 0- 2/10 post workshop.

They would also report being able to think more cleary and feeling more resilient to stress.

 I started to realise the importance of such a program not only for treating clients at the clinic but also for helping care-givers and employees who were experiencing burn out. I decided to dedicate myself to empowering these individuals and showing them how to live their best life. I became a therapeutic coach to do just that.

Employees, employers, health care professionals and caregivers who provide services to others are often struggling with their own self-care and mental health needs.

 They often experience burn out and struggle with their own stressors. They are also limited by their own beliefs and thoughts which in turn affects their performance and their quality of life.

If you are someone who has been experiencing burn out, struggling with feelings of anxiety or feeling emotionally drained, I'm here to assist you on your journey to finding your inner peace and happiness. You will find several free resources on this website to get you started on your journey. ​​​​​​​ 

I truly appreciate you taking the time to read about me. I look forward to working with you.

With love and gratitude, 


One Can Choose To Go Back Toward Safety Or Forward Toward Growth. Growth Must be Chosen Again and Again, Fear Must Be Overcome Again and Again.                                                                              - Abraham Maslow

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